A Taste of the Available Teaching Lectures

"Actions vs Motives"

Does it matter what you actually do, if your heart is in the right place? Does the Creator of the universe credit charity if it is given under duress or with a bad attitude? You might be suprised at the answers to these questions.

"Bread and Wine"

What is the history of the Bread and Wine that is used in both Christian communion and the Jewish kaddish? Are the same or different? Is there a connection? You might guess the answer, so come and find out the details!


Counting the Omers of Barley? What's an omer? What does barley even taste like? Why are we counting omers? What happens when we are done counting? Believe it or not, waiting for us at the end of the Counting of the Omers is Adonai, with his arms open wide. Come, taste and see that Adonai is truly good!

"Fall Feasts"

The fall feasts are Adonai's appointed times. They are critical to Judaism and to the entire world. It is prophesied that one day all nations, both Jewish and gentile, will join in Jerusalem to worship the Messiah in the new temple. These are but a foreshadow of what is to come.


Why would Christians care about a minor Jewish feast that gets more mention in the New Testament than anywhere in the Hebrew scriptures? Aside from amazing history, nothing is minor in the Kingdom of Adonai!

"Isaac's Wife"

Here is a lesson based on one of the midrash from my new book Modern Midrashim. Come join me as we talk about life and death, and the reason we all have to live - family!

"Law and Lawlessness"

Aren't Jews justified by the Law and the Christians by Grace? And didn't Yeshua do away with the law anyway? What if I said that these are but a few of the misunderstandings that have developed in the church of the last few millennia? Are you ready for the truth?


What is peace? I mean, really peace. In Hebrew, the word is Shalom. While one may say a cemetary is peacful, there is not Shalom in a cemetary. While one might say that peace is the cessassion of war and conflict, that is also not Shalom. Shalom is activity, alive. It takes positive effort!


Here is an intense and indepth introspection into the book of Esther, where we visit with Mordechai and Hadassah, as they try to make their way through the trials and perils of Persia in atime when Jews were suddenly becoming less welcomed.

"Sign from Hashem"

Everybody, at some point in their life, looks for a sign from Adonai. That's ok, it's a part of growing in faith. But you need look no further. There exists a sign that is as miraculous as it is old - originating from the very creation of the universe and still in existence to this day.

Let's Learn Together!

But first, Let's Get In Touch!

Are you ready to take your faith to action? Understanding the Jewish Heritage of the Christian faith will not only help you love the Jews, but help you teach other Christians why they should as well!

Yeshua is not a Christian. He is a Jew. His people are Jewish. When he comes back and sets up his Kingdom on Earth, it will be very Jewish. Christians are but wild olives branches grafted into the cultivated olive tree. Let's us not risk getting pruned simply because some boast about being better than the people and the culture of Yeshua.

Restoration: The Complete Space Trilogy

Have you ever wondered what will happen during the thousand year reign of the Messiah? Restoration dives head first into the deep theological questions of morality and existence, all in a fun, science fiction framework.

He who has ears, let them hear.

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